Leadership, Experience, and The Desire to Serve Our Community.

I enlisted in the military to fulfill a sense of duty by helping people on the battlefield. While serving, I met many people from all walks of life, and heard their stories. My biggest take away was that no single entity can help them all. I carried that with me for years until I was presented this new opportunity. With this, I can serve my fellow neighbor. Now it’s time for me to help you help yourself.

My sense of duty led me to enlist in the US Marine Corps. In 2007 I was stationed in Jacksonville, North Carolina. This is where I first came to love my new home’s beaches, mountains, and people. My military service deployed me in direct support of the battlefield where he learned many lessons in leadership. During this service I had the unique opportunity to interact with people from all walks of life. I know too well that regardless of race, religion, or orientation the basic need for freedom is common ground for the human condition. I want to take this experience, leadership, and sense of service—supporting my community’s basic need for freedom.

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